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David and Rhonda have been in business since 2013 providing products to help make your festival and outdoor events more enjoyable. They have set up at Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest, Houston Pride Festival, Houston Beer Fest, Houston’s Freedom over Texas and Austin’s Bat Fest, just to mention a few.  They also set up at many different community festivals and sporting events.  They have now brought their most popular outdoor comfort items online to help reach those across the country.

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  • The Quality of our Outdoor Comfort Products is our Pledge to You
    We take our outdoor comfort products seriously, that’s why we oversee all our main product lines from start to finish from the choosing of the materials to the packaging.
  • Fabulously Cool is a Family Owned Business since 2013
    Our experience speaks for itself for providing our customers with the best outdoor comfort products for every event or experience

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    Cost efficient and dependable service to our online customers. Always friendly customer services

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    We’re always looking to improve every aspect of our business. Outdoor comfort products are Fabulously Cool’s number one priority for your experiences.


I previously purchased a cool fan misting bottle from these folks that I love. The mister has a nice handle and larger than average water tank making this my first choice for carrying on hot outings or doing grounds maintenance on my 3 acres in the summer. I ran into them at the Fort Bend County Fair and purchased the dog cooling vest and chilling towel. Both are lifesavers. The cooling towel works great for overheated children who don’t care for the mister. My grandchildren fought over who was going to drape it across their body. The towel is extra large and kept the kids cooled down on a very hot day. Highly recommend all these products to anyone who tries to brave the Texas heat and venture outdoors with children and pets.

Ellen B
 I love using my mister at the beach. its a heat saver. the chilling towel is great for hot sumner outdoor concerts and any outdoor activity. I rate these products in the great category. 
Pat M

Love the cool jacket for my bulldog, Lola Even the staff at her vets office were impressed with it It stays cool, is easy to put on & only takes a few minutes to rehydrate.

Ronda R.

They are lightweight, easy to prepare (warm water to soften it and then cool water for cooling) and clean as needed, and they hold the cool a long time. I also like the Velcro straps that let me adjust it to whichever dog needs it. I use it on my corgi, and it works great even with all her double coat.

Terry C., The Canine Chillers

Great customer service.

Faye P.

If you are a person that overheats easily, get their cooling towels. They saved my vacation last summer when we went to Missouri in July for a wedding. I highly recommend them –

Becky L.

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